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三星伴月Mid Autumn Gift Box


Please enjoy our range of classic baked mooncakes made from the finest lotus paste. We also use the freshest ingredients and we discourage preservatives on our products. Exquisitely crafted by hand, our renowned bakery chef promised to provide you with a delectable experience.


Gift box includes 4 mooncakes:

  • 纯莲蓉 / Pure Lotus
  • 红豆沙 / Red Bean Paste
  • 翡翠 / Jade Lotus
  • 沫茶 / Matcha Paste

Gift box can also be a hand carry lantern.

Order now while stock lasts.

Availability mid August.

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  • As product does not contain any preservatives, kindly consume within one month upon receipt. / 由于产品不含任何防腐剂,请在收到后一个月内食用。
  • Product may also contain traces of nuts. / 产品还可能含有微量坚果。
  • Picture is for illustration purpose only, actual proportion may slightly differ. / 图片仅供参考,实际比例可能略有差异。
  • Box approximate dimension / 盒子近似尺寸; 33 cm(W) x 33 cm(L) x 58.5 cm (H).

Additional information

Dimensions 20.5 × 20.5 × 10 cm